Who We Are - International Health Insurance Policy

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Global Health Insurance is one of the world’s leading brokers advising clients on international health insurance policy purchases. We work with all the major global health insurance companies and have offices in Europe and Asia.

Globally we have over +60,000 clients, the majority of our clients are individuals and families but we also work with some of the world’s leading companies such as L’Oreal and Unilever. Our expertise is in providing advice and services to people looking for a comprehensive international health insurance policy, particularly those living in developing countries or overseas from their home country.

Global Health Insurance is an Insurance Broker, this means we are the representative of the person buying the insurance not the insurance company. Although we work with all of the major global health insurance companies our objective is to get you the right international health insurance policy. We are paid by the insurance company only if you buy an insurance plan and you will never pay more for your insurance if you buy from us. (In many cases buying your international health insurance policy from us is cheaper than going direct to the insurance company).

Our advice is not just limited to selecting the plan. We can advise on claims procedure, administration and throughout the lifespan of your medical insurance policy we can advise on changing cover or changing insurers.

Globally we have over +60,000 clients and 40 Insurance advisors who speak most major languages. Our staff are highly trained and their international experience helps them to understand the needs of expatriates worldwide.

Please take a moment to view client’s experiences of situations where having an international health insurance policy really did save their life.

In order to protect yourself, your family or your employees it is important to get the right cover. We can give you impartial advice and comparisons on global health insurance plans to ensure you get the best protection at the best price.