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In order to help you understand our reputation with the International Health Insurance Companies that we work with we have asked them to give us some feedback. Please find listed below some of the insurance company reviews and comments we have received.

We work with some of the best international health insurance companies in the world, but you don't have to just take our word for it. If you wish to contact an international health insurance company directly to verify our reputation we are happy for you to do this. The internet can be a power tool, but it can be important to ensure you are working with reputable businesses.

As a company that has built long standing relationships with some of the best international health insurance providers we are confident that you will see the knowledge and professionalism our staff demonstrates. It is understandable to want to do your own research when looking to protect yourself with an international health insurance product, so we have the following testimonials and insurance company reviews from the international insurance companies we work with.

  • Allianz
  • IHI
  • William Russell

note: Global Health Insurance is the online marking operation of Pacific Prime.

We have an excellent working relationship with Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Limited. They have consistently demonstrated the highest level of customer service and professionalism and have become one of the leading brokers distributing our policies in the region. We would be pleased to work with on any furture individual or group cases and have the utmost confidence that they will perform their role to the highest standards.

-- Santiago Herranz,
Business Development Manager,
Allianz Worldwide Care Ltd.

We have worked with Pacific Prime for some time and they represent and sell our medical and travel insurances. They are one of the larger insurance intermediaries that we work with and we are very pleased with our co-operation. They are a company focused on medical insurance and delivering service to clients. You are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding our co-operation with Pacific Prime.

-- Niels Haaber,
Chief Executive Officer - Hong Kong, Sales Manager - Asia Pacific,
International Health Insurance danmark a/s.

William Russell has worked closely with Pacific Prime for a number of years, and have been impressed by their professionalism, vision, and focus on delivering impartial advise, with high levels of customer service.

-- James Cooper,
Sales Director,
William Russell Ltd.