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In order to help you understand our customer service and professionalism we invite our individual clients to give feedback on their experiences whilst working with us. We think this is important since in order to get the best individual health insurance policy you need to get good advice and understanding of what goes into a global medical plan.

If you should wish to contact a global medical plan provider directly to verify our reputation we are happy for you to do this. We understand that the internet is a very powerful tool but that it is important to be sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy company while you search for something as important and personal as a global medical plan.

We are confident that when you speak with our staff you will be impressed by their knowledge and professionalism in trying to find you the best individual health insurance, However, if you wish to do some more research on us then we can refer you to some clients located near you. You can then get some honest feedback on their experience of buying a global medical plan with us.

If you have been impressed with your global medical plan and our services in helping you find the best individual health insurance for your situation, please send us an email with your comment or personal testimonial.