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The health insurance worldwide individual teacher plans gives you comprehensive coverage at very low prices.

These types of health insurance worldwide teacher medical insurance policies will often come in three tiers, providing differing levels of coverage. This page illustrates the typical benefits you will receive when you are accepted onto the health insurance worldwide bronze plan for individual teachers.

  • Teacher Medical Insurance - Bronze Plan
    • Accidents and Emergencies, Intensive Care and Theatre costs.
    • Hospital accommodation.
    • Nursing fees, medical expenses and ancillary charges.
    • Surgeons’, consultants’, anaesthetists’, medical practitioners’ fees.
    • Prescribed medicines and drugs.
    • Reconstructive surgery following an accident or following surgery for an eligible medical condition.
    • Prostheses: artificial body parts designed to form permanent parts of an insured person’s body.
    • MRI, PET and CT scans.
    • X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests and procedures.
    • Oncology tests, drugs and consultants’ fees including cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
    • Physiotherapy by a registered physiotherapist, when referred by a medical practitioner, consultant or specialist.
    • Parent accommodation, insured parent with an insured child under 18 years of age in hospital.
    • Post hospitalisation treatment received within 90 days of being discharged from hospital.
    • Accidental damage to natural teeth.

If you would like to learn more about the health insurance worldwide plans that we can offer, or would like to know more about either teacher medical insurance whether for individual teachers, or the school staff as a whole, contact our expert advisors today.