What makes a bad claims procedure?

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We have years of industry experience and our consultants have gained valuable knowledge from working with the providers of expatriate health insurance plans and international medical clients. This has given us an insight into what makes a claims procedure effective. Expatriate health insurance plan holders have told us that the main reasons for dissatisfaction with claim processing are; delays in payment and pre-existing conditions.

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Delays in payment
Expatriate health insurance plan providers have informed us of the main reasons for delay in reimbursement. In the majority of cases this is due to incomplete paper work, missing signatures, incomplete diagnosis or no original receipts. We would advise you to check the documents carefully before sending them, and also to make copies of everything you send. That way, if documents are lost in the post then a duplicate exists. As a client of Global Health Insurance, you would receive personal help with the claims procedure and have our administration team at your disposal. We have the experience to make sure you are swiftly reimbursed for any expenses you may have incurred.

Pre-Existing Condition
Most expatriate health insurance plans exclude coverage on pre-existing conditions for at least 24 months. During this period insurers are naturally concerned about conditions that may have existed before the plan commenced. In order to make sure claims are paid without delay we would strongly advise clients to make sure claims documentation is complete and supporting information from doctors can be provided to confirm that you were not aware of the condition before the plan started. This is essential when making a claim under your expatriate health insurance plan.

Claims refunds can be made in most major currencies and in a number of ways. The majority of medical insurers will refund your credit card, send you a cheque, or transfer the money directly into your account.

One factor to note is that when receiving refunds via bank transfer the insurance company will pay any costs incurred by their bank but is unlikely to make provisions for the costs incurred by the receiving bank.

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