Sports Medicine

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Sports medicine is an interdisciplinary specialty that treats accidents and injuries that are the result of sporting activities. Ancient Greece was the first place to have an interest in sports medicine. Athletes had dedicated Trainer/Coaches dedicated to maintaining their health and wellness However, the modern discipline of sports medicine originated at the 1928 Olympics.

Modern sports medicine involves a number of disciplines and includes health care professionals, educators and researchers from all fields of medicine. However, many sporting injuries tend to affect either a patients muscle or skeleton, so the tendency has been that sports medicine specialists come from the orthopedic field.

Many sports injuries can occur outside the bounds of orthopedic medicine, and sporting injuries can be attributed to a number of factors from environmental to physiological and can on occasion can even be psychological. Because of this sports medicine specialist can come from the fields of, cardiology, pulmonology, biomechanics, and traumatology.

There are many different treatments for sporting injuries, these can range from simple medicines to complicated surgeries. Most of the time the after affects of treatment involves a long period of rehabilitation. This is in order to bring an athlete back up to peak physical condition. Methods of rehabilitation can include physiotherapy, stretching, strength therapy, and conditioning.

Performance enhancing substances such as steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) can lead to a higher risk of injury. Such substances are almost universally banned in many sporting competitions and athletes caught taking them can be suspended or even banned from their sport for life.

Sports injuries require professional help. As many sporting injuries are different and require alternative methods of therapy professional help is advised. The study of neuromuscular adaptations is a potential benefit to athletes as this is thought to be the main contributing factor to many sports injuries.

Sporting injuries can be expensive to treat. A medical insurance plan can help in the event of accidents. Plans can provide global coverage and have numerous options that include maternity cover and dental treatment. For more information about an international medical insurance plan, or to receive a free quote, please contact us.