Insurance Renewal - Overseas Travel Health Insurance

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At Global Health Insurance we work with the world’s top medical insurers and providers of overseas travel health insurance. We are independent brokers and guarantee to give you the best cover available within your international health insurance budget. We are not affiliated with any one insurer so we can give you impartial, confidential advice on your medical plan.

The majority of international health insurance companies will guarantee the ability to renew your plan every year either until you reach the age of 75, or for the rest of your life.

Unlike local medical plans your international health insurance premium will only increase due to your age or where you live. This is known as ‘community rating’ and you will pay exactly the same as every other person of the same age, living in the same country as you. This helps to keep the premium within your internationals health insurance budget and does not penalize you by increasing your premiums because of your claims history.

Approximately one month before your policy anniversary we will contact you with the terms of your renewal. The exact terms and conditions, including any exclusion, will be outlined in the renewal letter. You then sign the letter and send it back to us for processing. If you have chosen the ‘auto-renew’ option then you will be sent a confirmation letter informing you that your policy has been renewed.

Please contact our expert consultants and they will strive to provide you with the international health insurance or overseas travel health insurance options that best suit your coverage needs and budget.