Geographic Areas of Cover - Global Insurance

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When you compare global insurance policies you will realise that insurance companies often split up the coverage you can purchase into specific geographical areas of cover.

They will typically be split into one of two regions:

  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide excluding North America

After you compare global insurance plans it becomes obvious that the cost of a worldwide plan is much more expensive than a plan that excludes cover in the USA or Canada. This is because of the high costs of medical treatment in these two countries. However, you will be covered for emergencies in the USA and Canada, even if you exclude the region from your plan. What you cannot do is elect to visit specialists and surgeons in this region.

If you do not travel regularly to North America then a simple way to reduce your premium is to exclude the region from your coverage. We have put together some guidelines to consider that will help you to compare global insurance and choose the right plan.

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