Pre-Existing Conditions - Medical Insurance Coverage

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International expatriate insurance plans will not extend medical insurance coverage for all treatments to just anyone. The insurance company will ask about your medical history when you take out expatriate medical insurance coverage and then based on the information you supply they will ‘underwrite’ your application and make a decision about the coverage of your pre-existing conditions.

There a number of different options the insurance company may take. The most common is the standard exclusion of any treatment for ‘pre-existing conditions’. This means that they will not cover the cost of treatment for the specific condition or any related conditions.

An alternative is that the Expatriate insurance company places a two year moratorium on these pre-existing conditions. After this two year waiting period they agree to reconsider the exclusion. They may keep it in place, but if you have had no treatment for, or recurrences of the condition then it may be reinstated into your medical insurance coverage.

Finally the insurer may place a ‘loading’ on your plan; the insurer will agree to cover the cost of treatment for your pre-existing condition but they will increase your annual premium accordingly. This is a less common scenario but if you know of a pre-existing condition and you would like it included in your coverage we are happy to search for an expatriate insurance company willing to do so.

It is also possible that if you are applying for medical insurance coverage as a company (group plan) then when can arrange a policy that will cover all people entering the group for all pre-existing conditions (including maternity). This is only possible with larger groups but if you have a company and this is important to you then we can arrange this.

If you have a pre-existing condition and would like advice on the best way to get medical insurance coverage for it, please contact an advisor.