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International medical insurance premiums can potentially be very high, especially for large families and corporations. Insurance companies understand this and can provide you with very flexible payment options when you make your health insurance application or renewal.

Many international health insurance companies are flexible on payment methods, currency and also payment frequency. The policyholder can choose to pay premiums via credit card, cheque or bank transfer in most major currencies including USD, GBP and EUR.

To help spread the cost of your health insurance across the year we can also help to arrange payment options where the premiums can be structured on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. Normally the insurance company will increase the cost of your premium by 4-6% if you chose to structure you premiums over the year but in some cases we can get this lowered when your health insurance application is being arranged.

The insurance company will normally give you 3 weeks after the start of your plan to make the first payment so you can get the cover started immediately and you have time to arrange your personal finances. We can sometimes extend this period if you need to so please ask one of our advisors if you need time to arrange payment.

Please contact one of our experts for further information on payment options or for a range of quotations.