Health Insurance Guide - Global Health Cover

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Choosing the right global health cover is very important. Most people take out the same global health plan for many years to ensure continuous cover, (changing your global health cover policy regularly is not a good idea). But even if the cover is only for a few months, making sure it is the right cover is very important.

To help make sure you are getting the right cover we have provided you with a list of health insurance guide. This guide with its list of items is not definitive but is designed to help you think

In addition we have included below some of the key criteria we use to assess an insurance plan. The importance of each item will vary from person to person. In assessing a global health cover policy we not only consider the plan coverage but also the insurer’s financial standing, claims handling ability and customer service.

Most insurers will actually incorporate certain exclusions if you purchase their global health cover policy. These can be general exclusions or sometimes ones that are specifically excluded for you.

The language and policy conditions in a global health cover policy can often be confusing; link to this section to view our definitions of medical and insurance terms.

As a global health cover insurance broker we have experience comparing plans and advising clients on the best global health cover policy to buy, for your needs now and in the future.

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