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A global healthcare insurance plan can also cover you for outpatient treatment. As with inpatient treatment, direct settlement is available from most global healthcare insurance companies. Many insurers have a network of pre-approved doctors whose clinic you may visit and simply show your membership card. No payment is need at all. However if you would like to visit a specific doctor of your own choice then this is also possible but you may have to pay the bill yourself and then make a claim on your global healthcare insurance policy.

An outpatient claim is made by filling in and submitting a claims form within three months from the date you received treatment. This outpatient claims form will usually have to be signed by the treating doctor. Upon receipt of the information, the claims department will normally process the claim within 10 days and refund the claim amount after they have deducted the excess.

At Global Health Insurance we have in-house claims advisors who can give you advice on the outpatient claims process or completely take over the procedure for you. You can simply post the original receipt and completed claims form to us and we will process, submit and chase the insurer for reimbursement.

Please contact us for further information on the inpatient or outpatient claims procedure or for a range of quotes for expatriate internationalglobal healthcare insurance plans.