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Many global insurance medical plans now give you maternity insurance as optional extra benefits. You usually have to be a global insurance medical policyholder for a certain amount of time before making any claims on your plan; this is known as a waiting period. The maternity insurance cover options on global insurance medical plans are usually very comprehensive and can prove very helpful as the costs of childbirth begin to quickly add up.

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If you are planning on having children you need to decide on whether you will go private or semi-private for the delivery. Private rooms in the top hospitals abroad can be very expensive. If there are any complications then the bill will quickly rise to well above US$10,000. We can advise you on a comprehensive global insurance medical plan with maternity benefits that will also cover any complication.

In the unfortunate circumstances that your baby is born with any congenital birth defects the costs can be astronomical. Maternity insurance benefits that can be selected with your global insurance medical plan can provide coverage for treatments to ensure that your newborn baby gets the best of care, while also ensuring large savings for you should something happen. Some insurers put a limit on the coverage for newborns e.g. the first 30 days free of charge. But if the baby is in bad health then they will most likely refuse to continue the insurance after this period. Thankfully, our experts can advise you on global insurance medical plans that your child can be ‘born into’ and therefore guaranteed to have renewable global insurance medical for the rest of their life no matter what their state of health.

This list should provide you with an idea of what is covered by the optional maternity insurance benefits available on global insurance medical plans:

  • Normal delivery and Complicated delivery costs
  • Pre and Postnatal treatment
  • Medically prescribed caesarean costs
  • Delivery/Caesarean costs following fertility treatment
  • Home delivery costs
  • Home nursing costs in connection with home delivery

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