Insurance Limits, Benefits Limits - Worldwide Health Insurance

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Worldwide health insurance plans that Global Health Insurance works with have very high benefits limits such that you should be able to undertake the best medical treatment available when you need it.

Insurance companies normally give you an annual insurance limit which is typically USD 1-2 million per year or a lifetime insurance limit which is typically around USD 5 million. In either case the insurance limit is very high and even if you choose to get treatment at the most expensive medical facilities anywhere in the world you are likely to be fully covered.

Some worldwide health insurance plans have benefit limitations on the maximum amount you can claim for a specific type of treatment such as an organ transplant but these benefit limits are normally also very high and should not prevent you getting the best treatment available anywhere.

We suggest you contact our advisors to discuss which worldwide health insurance plan will provide you with the most suitable coverage, including finding the right insurance limits and benefits limits for you.