Integra Global Customer Review – Expat Insurance Medical

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Integra GlobalIt is hard for an expat insurance medical provider to stay customer focused and continue to meet the standards of service that their members have come to expect. Integra Global is one of the few expat insurance medical providers that can offer clients with health insurance if you are an expatriate living in the USA or an American citizen living abroad. Many international medical insurance companies can only provide you with one or the other, but clients have found that Integra Global’s service and advice is very informative on the subject.

“As an American citizen emigrating for the first time in my life I was naturally nervous as to what levels of insurance I should expect. Obviously I have always had domestic health insurance but my domestic supplier told me they couldn’t help and I would have to contact an international medical insurance group.

I contacted Integra Global and had an in depth conversation with one of their advisors about Scandinavia (the region I was moving to), medical costs in these countries and where the best hospitals were located. As it turns out the first countries I was visiting had very good local government funded hospitals. The Integra Global advisor actually advised me to take out a less expensive plan than I wanted as I would initially only need it to ‘top up’ the free medical care that would be available to me in an emergency situation.”

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