IHI Bupa History - Overseas Health Insurance

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IHIPer Bay Joergensen identified the need for IHI Danmark when, as a keen philatelist, he noticed the stamps on the letters he was receiving from expatriate Danes unable to receive conventional health insurance.

At the time when Per Bay Joergensen opened a letter from a Danish sea pilot based in Mauritius, he was not aware that this was to be the beginning of IHI Danmark a/s, but he did begin to realise the potential in the overseas health insurance market.

Over the past few decades, IHI Danmark has grown from its roots as a health insurance company focused on ex-pat Danes to become one of the leading global providers of overseas health insurance, travel insurance and corporate healthcare and wellbeing consultancy. In 2005, IHI Danmark was purchased by BUPA, changing its name to IHI Bupa, while maintaining the same dedication to providing high quality overseas health insurance policies.

IHI Bupa have introduced more new products than any of our competitors including preventative services, health consulting services and a new 6th generation website.

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They continue to build global presence with a strong market share in Latin America, Asia, North Africa and Europe.

As IHI Danmark has grown and changed into IHI Bupa, they have consistently led the way in the overseas health insurance industry as an innovator. They are always the first to use new technology to meet the needs of their customers and win their loyalty.

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