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GoodhealthOur health insurance abroad claims department in Hong Kong received an emergency call from the doctor of a client based in Vietnam. The client, who was covered by a Goodhealth health insurance abroad policy, had collapsed and the initial diagnosis suggested a possible brain tumour. Because of the specific nature of the condition, the client was evacuated immediately to the nearest centre of excellence in Singapore. With the assistance of International SOS, all flights were organised and transportation to the hospital arranged on arrival in Singapore.

The client was admitted to the ICU unit where subsequent examinations revealed a cerebral aneurysm. The client remained in hospital for almost two months, during which time a member of his family was flown into Singapore from France. The client made a gradual recovery and was eventually flown back to Vietnam where he has continued to receive treatment under the cover of his health insurance abroad.

All costs in respect of the hospital stay were guaranteed and settled directly with the hospital by Goodhealth. In addition, the cost of the flight and hotel accommodation incurred by the client’s relative was subsequently settled by Goodhealth.

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