CIGNA - International Insurance Company

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CIGNAIn 1982, CIGNA was established through a merger between the Insurance Company of North America (INA) and the Connecticut General Corporation (CG). The owners of the company were devoted to expanding insurance protection to average Americans and the business quickly grew into a huge domestic life insurer. CIGNA then increased its’ product range by expanding into the Group Benefits and International Health Insurance arenas. International medical brokers like ourselves have helped to increase their coverage by offering expert advice on the stable of products CIGNA has to offer as an international insurance company.

CIGNA has an international reputation for excellence in the delivery of health care services to expatriates and their families. They have an extremely quick claims processing service which reimburses you in up to 10 working days for 95% of claims received. Partnerships between CIGNA and International SOS, the worlds leading assistance company means you can be sure that your claims will be addressed quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruptions to your day-to-day life.

As an international insurance company, CIGNA has spent an incredible amount of time putting together its’ online help and service centre and its’ features now include access to a database of more than 3000 hospitals, online access to Country Information Guides and twenty four hour access to a consultant to answer any of your questions.

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