Aetna: Customer Review - International Medical Cover

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AetnaThis page is designed to provide you with clients views and customer reviews on Aetna. How is their service? Do they provide good international medical coverage?

Please take a moment to read their clients testimonials:


“Our experience with Aetna has been superb! We bought a fairly cheap insurance international medical plan offered by Aetna’s website to cover my parents. Some of the things that really stood out and contributed to the positive experience were:

  • Excellent customer service and guidance in selecting an appropriate plan.
  • Hassle free claim filing and settlement.

During the visit my mother fell ill and she obtained medical services (physician visits, tests, prescription drugs etc.) amounting to about $1,000. I followed the process for filing claims and claims were settled within 3 weeks. The plan reimbursed me as per the plan terms! They provide very cheap insurance international medical plans without cutting costs on the service they provide.

In short, I strongly recommend the insurance plans offered by Aetna to all my friends.”

Sheetal – USA

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