Individual Overseas Health Insurance

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Global Health Insurance has built up relationships with the worlds largest international health insurance groups. It is these relationships that mean we can often offer our clients lower rates than if they went directly to the insurer.

We can provide expatriates worldwide with suitable and comprehensive overseas health insurance. Contact our overseas health insurance consultants for a detailed quote.

These plans are designed for individuals or families. You can add your children to your plan at little extra cost and also your spouse. The plans are guaranteed renewable meaning that the insurer is willing to cover your medical costs for the whole of your life but your premiums will obviously increase as you get older. However, you will never have your overseas health insurance premium increased due to large claims in the previous year, they will only go up as you get older and they will increase with the average. For example; the rate that one 35 year old pays will be exactly the same as another 35 year old pays. Individual overseas health insurance premiums are calculated depending upon your age and country of residence, but are not dependent on occupation or nationality.

Overseas health insurance plans are not specific to one country. If you relocate to a new country or back to your home country the policy can be taken with you and the coverage will remain the same.

The overseas health insurance plans that we advise on are extremely flexible for the expatriate individual; plans can be customized to include maternity, dental, chronic conditions, travel, personal accident and many other conditions. We can also include a deductible (excess) to minimize the policy administration and keep your premiums low. It also possible to select only inpatient and no outpatient cover; the advantage of this is that your premiums will be lower but you will still be covered in emergencies for surgery and hospitalization costs.

If you are suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, our overseas health insurance brokers can help you to select the best insurer to extend coverage to this condition. Contact us for more advice or a quote, we are glad to assist you.

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