UAE Travel Tips

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This section of our website is designed to give you important information for when traveling to the UAE. Contact us for a medical quote that will cover you in the UAE or anywhere else in the world.

No special immunizations are required, however it would be wise to check beforehand if you are traveling from a health-risk area. Tetanus inoculations are usually recommended if you are considering a long trip. Polio has been virtually eradicated in the UAE and hepatitis is very rare and can be avoided by taking precautions. Hepatitis A is transmitted by contaminated food and water, Hepatitis B, C, D through sexual contact, the use of unsterilized needles and blood transfusions. Vaccinations will be covered by some international medical insurance UAE.

There are very few mosquitoes in the towns and cities and, since it is not considered to be a risk, malaria tablets are rarely prescribed for travel in the UAE. However, you should cover up and use a suitable insect repellent if you are camping near the mountains or exploring wadis or date groves in the evening. If you are in any doubt consult your doctor or your nearest tropical medical centre before your trip.

The sun can be fierce throughout the year so heatstroke and heat exhaustion are always a risk. Adequate sunglasses, hats and high factor sun creams are essential, especially for children.

International Medical Insurance UAE
Public hospitals, where the medical facilities are very good, will deal with emergencies free of charge, however it would be wise to take out international medical insurance UAE region to cover all eventualities, especially if you need to attend a private hospital or clinic where treatment can be quite expensive.

If you need a doctor, ask at your hotel, or ring your embassy for recommendations. If you need emergency treatment or medical attention you can view our hospital list.

Most medicines are readily available at pharmacies. Each emirate has at least one pharmacy open 24 hours a day. Check in local newspapers for information. In some emirates a 24-hour municipality emergency number (Abu Dhabi 02 777 929; Dubai 04 2232323) lists the locations of open chemists.

Good dentists are readily available, including orthodontists.

Alternative medicine
Chinese medicine is readily available. There is also a homeopathic hospital.

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