Emergency Evacuation Benefit of Internatinoal Medical Insurance

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Overseas medical insurance plans give you cover for emergencies whilst visiting foreign countries, generally including necessary emergency evacuations. The overseas medical insurance company will cover the expenses incurred for the clients medical emergency evacuation in the event of serious illness or injury.

Reimbursement will be provided subject to the doctor’s and the insurer’s medical consultant agreeing on the necessity of transferring the patient. They must also agree whether the patient should be transferred back to their home country or to the nearest place with suitable emergency medical facilities.

Many overseas medical insurance plans will also cover transportation expenses for one person to accompany the insured patient. A return journey for both parties will normally also be included in the cover but there are obviously certain restrictions. The ticket must be economy class and the trip must usually be made within 3 months after the treatment has been completed.

In the unfortunate event that the insured dies, the expat medical insurance plan will cover the cost of home transportation of the deceased and for statutory arrangements such as embalming and a zinc coffin. Next of kin have the option of cremation of the deceased and home transportation of the urn, or home transportation of the deceased.

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