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Expatriates and International Medical Tourism
There is, however, one major issue that many Asian expatriates frequently voice concern over, and this is the state of the healthcare system throughout the Asian region.

Why take out world health insurance - a true story?
The tour bus from the Danish tour operator turned into the car park in front of the hotel, which was our drop off point in Hurghada, Egypt.

Treating an Unconscious Patient
Health insurance covers the policyholder for nearly all medical conditions.

Coffee: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Turkish Proverb: "Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love."

Acupuncture - Poke me with needles, and make me better
The idea of being voluntarily poked with needles might not be an enjoyable one for most people. However, popularity of acupuncture is growing at a constant rate among the Western patients.

Obesity - threat to your health and your wallet
Obesity is viewed by many, especially by the insurance companies, as a serious medical condition. Many people don’t realize how difficult it is for an obese person to get a proper insurance, because of the health risks that can potentially cost the company very large sums of money.

Deductibles (Excess) vs. Co-insurance (Co-pay)
An attempt to make the process of understanding an insurance policy less complicated by drawing a distinction between two of the most used terms in an insurance policy: deductibles (excess) and co-insurance (co-pay).

Sports Medicine
Sports medicine is an interdisciplinary specialty that treats accidents and injuries that are the result of sporting activities. Ancient Greece was the first place to have an interest in sports medicine...

Parkinson's (PD) is a degenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system. Parkinson's belongs to a set of neurological disorders that impair an individual's motor skills. In most cases of PD there is no specific cause for the disease...

Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathy is the medical school dedicated to treating illnesses with natural remedies. The philosophy of this school is primarily focused on improving a person's health and ability to fight disease innately.

An antibiotic is a drug that kills or prevents the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics cannot help with a viral or fungal infection. Many ancient cultures used plants and moulds to cure certain infections, these are the first known Antibiotics. The first true antibiotic was Penicillin, which was invented in 1928 by Alexander Fleming.