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Dental costs are extremely high in most countries and many expatriate employees do not receive dental benefits from their company medical plans. If dental benefits are provided it is usually well below the level and standard of care you are used to in your home country. Many internationally mobile people take out additional dental benefits through their insurance international medical plans to cover the shortfall.

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Insurance international medical policies that carry dental benefits have two main areas of cover:

  • Routine Dental Treatment
    Provides you with cover for standard procedures including:
    • Examination
    • Cleaning
    • Fillings
    • Root treatments
    • Extraction
    • Surgery
    • X-Rays
    • Emergency treatment
    • Local anaesthesia
    • Occlusion bar
    • Prescriptions
  • Special Dental Treatment
    Protects the policyholder against almost all dental problems. This level of cover is usually included with top expatriate dental insurance plans.

    Includes comprehensive cover for:
    • Gold Jackets, Porcelain Crowns, Gold Inlay and Temporary Crowns
    • Bridgework
    • Repairs including Build-Up and Recementation
    • Treatment of Periodontitis
    • Treatment of Gingivitis and Periodontitis
    • Root Scaling and Membrane Treatment
    • Tooth Adjustment
    • Dentures
    • Dentures and Repairs

Pre-existing conditions can often be covered by expatriate dental insurance. However, insurers usually enforce a waiting period to before pre-exiting conditions will be covered.

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Dental benefits are not the only additional coverage options available to those taking out insurance international medical plans, other choices include maternity coverage, specialist treatments and more. To get a quote for insurance international medical policies with dental benefits or simply for more information please click here.