UK Expat Health Insurance

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Global Health Insurance is a market leading medical and healthcare brokerage. We offer UK expat health insurance advice to the expatriate community and pride ourselves on searching and selecting the right plan for you. As the expatriate medical insurance market continues to grow there is an even greater need for good quality advice and recommendations on UK expathealth insurance plans, whether you are an expat moving to the UK or a British national becoming an expatriate abroad. Our international medical consultants constantly search the market for new policies that may better serve the needs and requirements of our UK expathealth insurance clients.

  • Individual Plans
    UK expat health insurance plans designed for individuals. These plans are flexible, annually renewable and can be tailored to meet your specific medical requirements.
  • Family Plans
    Family is the most important thing in many of our lives. Our medical consultants can recommend international health insurance cover to provide protection for all the family.
  • Group Plans
    Medical insurance is vital for today’s business. Executives often travel extensively in the course of their job and we can advise you on what levels of cover are needed and can often obtain group discounts on your behalf.
  • Travel Plans
    UK expat health insurance plans designed for people visiting or working in the UK. Policies can be tailored for either for the short or medium term, but the trip cannot exceed 12 months.

Global Health Insurance has provided it’s customers with cover in almost all the countries in the world. We have gained vast experience and local knowledge though this procedure and are able to give you monetary and customs information and medical advice for UK holidays as well as advising you on UK international health insurance plans that give the right level of cover for you.

Expatriates may be eligible for some treatment under the National Health Insurance scheme. The privatization of healthcare providers in the UK may end up having some impact on the coverage or cost of treatments, click here for further information on National Health Service eligibility.