Thailand Travel & Insurance Advice

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This page provides a number of resources to furnish you with Thailand travel and insurance advice. Ranging from basic travel advice in Thailand depending on your mode of transportation, to ensuring you know how to stay healthy while you’re there. For a detailed quote on global medical insurance that will cover you when traveling in Thailand please contact one of our consultants.

Road Safety

Riding a motorcycle or scooter in Thailand can be dangerous. An average of 38 people a day, die in motorcycle accidents in Thailand. You should take the same safety precautions as in the UK. The Thai law that safety helmets must be worn is widely ignored: a contributing factor in many tourist deaths each year. Unless you wear a helmet you may have trouble claiming on your Thailand medical insurance for any treatment needed.

The motorcycles or scooters available for hire in beach resorts are usually mopeds of less that 50cc. They are not registered as a vehicle and cannot, consequently, be used legally on a public road. Motorcycles or scooters of under 50cc are not covered by insurance and if there is an accident, the hirer is responsible for any damage or loss of the vehicle or injury to a third party. When the motorcycle is over 50cc you should check your travel insurance and Thailand medical insurance policy very carefully to ensure that you are covered.  Before you hire a vehicle check the small print of the lease agreement carefully.

We can advise you on the most suitable international or Thailand medical insurance to take out; one that will provide you with comprehensive cover for the activities you are planning to do whilst abroad. Contact one of our experienced consultants for further information and quotations.

Rail Safety

The metropolitan subway and Skytrain systems in Bangkok are generally very safe. However, on 17 January 2005, a train accident occurred on the subway system in which over 200 people were injured, about two dozen seriously. This highlights the need for international or Thailand medical insurance with good levels of cover.


We strongly advise you to take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling. It is extremely important to check the small print of your Thailand medical insurance for any exclusions. Many policies contain exclusions so make sure you are covered for the activities you want to undertake.


Bangkok has excellent international hospitals but treatment can be very expensive. Ordinary hospitals outside of Bangkok are not always up to UK standards and are rarely equipped to deal with major trauma. Many hospitals require the authorisation of next of kin to perform operations on patients and guarantee of payment for the hospital bills from immediate next of kin. You should therefore complete next of kin details in the back of your passports.