Health in Thailand

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Thailand is in general, a clean and health conscious country. The standard of health in Thailand is good, and hospitals or health clinics can be found throughout the country. Most doctors speak good English (many are American or British medical school graduates).

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Health Risks in Thailand

There is malaria in the north, but incidence is not high and limited mainly to the rainy season. The malarial mosquito only feeds in the middle of the night, and most hotels will spray your room with a mosquito repellent (at your request) whilst you are away having dinner. Generally people prefer not to take an anti-malarial tablet because of the possible side affects (drowsiness etc.) - sprays are a good enough option.

Most restaurants and hotels serve only bottled drinking water and ice, tap water not being considered potable. 99% of food is fresh, but avoid eating in hill tribe villages. When trekking with a reputable company, all food will be supplied but it is still useful to remain aware of potential Thailand medical problems.

Many foreigners, having failed to find suitable cure for their ailments (such as dermatitis) through western medicine, try traditional and herbal based cures whilst in Thailand with some degree of success.

Cost of Thailand Medical Treatment

Treatment is not free but it is relatively inexpensive. A stay in a Thai private hospital will cost around Baht 500 to Baht 750 per night for a private room (under US$20). The rooms are often comparable to that of a 3-4 star hotel private bath & shower, western toilet, cable TV, room service, and a settee or fold out bed for your relatives or friends should they wish to stay with you during your illness. Unlike many Western hospitals, friends and family can visit at anytime, and someone usually will spend the night consoling the patient.

It is not uncommon for foreigners to come to a Thailand medical centre for inexpensive but good medical and dental treatment or cosmetic surgery. A dental cap for example costs about US$50, much less than in Europe, America and the more developed parts of Asia like Japan and Hong Kong.