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Singapore Health Insurance enquiries received by Global Health Insurance will be passed to our locally licensed partner. Our partner, Pacific Prime (Singapore) Pte Ltd* is a licensed agent in Singapore which works with the world’s leading international health insurance companies, including BUPA. With a wealth of local knowledge with relation to healthcare and insurance in Singapore, our partner is able to ensure that you are afforded the highest levels of coverage currently on the market, with a wide range of options for your Singapore expat health insurance plan.

Through our partner we can offer a range of Singapore health insurance plans and extensive knowledge of the Singaporean medical insurance and healthcare industries. The most common types of medical insurance plans in Singapore are:

  • Individual Plans
    Within the Singapore health insurance market, plans designed for individualsare by far the most prevalent. These plans are flexible, annually renewable and can often be tailored to meet your specific medical requirements.
  • Family Plans
    Family is the most important thing in many expatriates’ lives. As the Singaporean government rolls out incentives for population growth it is expected that comprehensive coverage for all the family will follow the current focus towards individual health insurance provision.
  • Group Plans
    Singapore is one of Asia’s largest economic hubs. As a result of this the city-state has one of the largest concentrations of international corporations in Asia. There are many plans being provided in Singapore which cater to the group market, and as Singapore further develops its strong economic position it can be expected that a wider range of Singapore group health insurance will become available.

For more information about Singapore healthcare, please visit our page about which hospitals are able to provide superior medical services. We have also provided advice on traveling in Singapore to ensure that you have a more pleasant experience while outside of your home country.

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