Africa Medical Insurance

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Of all the continents in the world, Africa by far has the highest level of poverty. Since the majority of the wealth in Africa is held by only a handful of the continent's 53 nations, instability and underdevelopment abounds. This has lead to infrastructural problems that have created systemic problems with medical facilities in many African countries. If you plan on being in Africa for an extended period of time, it is important to make yourself knowledgeable of local healthcare systems and costs. 

Global Health Insurance offers comprehensive private International Medical Insurance in every African country. The policies we offer will also provide medical coverage for you and your family all around the world. As an insurance broker, we work with the best insurers from all over the globe to find the plan that best fits your needs, and since we are not the insurer ourselves, you can rest assured that we are always acting in your best interest. For quality service from a partner that you can trust, contact us today and find out how Global Health Insurance can help you.