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As a provider of international health insurance cover, our consultants have gained valuable experience from working with international insurance companies around the world. Expatriate health insurance plans are global policies; providing you with health insurance cover and hospital access all over the world, and if there are not facilities of a “western standard” then you will be transported to the nearest suitable medical facility or back to your home country.

Expatriate health insurance cover is generally global, but can also be split into different geographic areas of cover. Our expert team can provide you with detailed information on medical facilities in an emergency, and it is always a good idea to contact us for general information on your destination before you leave.

Your expatriate health insurance will cover you for any eventuality in practically every country in the world.

Additional information on medical facilities, doctors, specialists, international insurance information and travel tips for a selection of the countries we can advise you on can be found below:

Please contact us for a detailed quote or advice on international and expatriate health insurance cover. We can provide you with worldwide cover and will be happy to deal with any of your queries.