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“Why Get Insurance?”

Some people may wonder “Why get Insurance?” Others that have moved abroad for work may begin to wonder “Why get international health cover when I can buy a cheaper local policy?” While the answer to the first question is that insurance can protect you financially against the risk of something bad happening, the answer to the second question may depend on what benefits and service levels you expect from your insurance.

There are many benefits to taking out international health cover, but the obvious ones are that a policy from an international health insurance company is typically guaranteed renewable and they give you coverage outside of your home country. Another reason some decide to purchase international health cover is that international plans are generally community rated and not experience rated. This means that with international health cover, your premium doesn’t drastically increase the year after you’ve made a claim, allowing you to not only have an insurance plan but use it too. You can view a more detailed report on choosing the best insurance plan for you or find articles below outlining client’s real life experiences of dealing with an international health insurance company.

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